Family Photo Session-Your Hidden Superpower


I confess. I am a Marvel geek. I even got The Boyfriend into the series. We just went to see Avengers: End Game this past weekend. I had been waiting for that movie for at least a year! He surprised me with a last minute date before Spring Break ended. He's such a sweetie.

But, it got me thinking...Everything you need to know about family photography, you actually can learn from an Avenger.

One of the reasons I firmly believe family photography is so important stems from a quote my little brother said to me years ago:

"History is told by the winners." ~ Dan Brown

Now, my brother is a conspiracy theorist in his own right. I only consider myself one-sixteenth conspiracy theorist, so I take whatever he says with a grain of salt.

Except for this quote. This one has stuck to me like glue through the years.

Even though that conversation was not about family photography, per se, in a sense it still applies. An old history teacher told me that when one civilizations attempts to take over another civilization, the first thing they rob or destroy is the other civilization's art. They try to steal their culture and the story of who they are. This way, the conquered can't piece back together who they were well enough to remember their victories or triumphs or any semblance of who what life was like before the conquest. It's designed to make them have such a huge identity crisis that they can't get back up to move on from their current state.

But, back to the Avengers...Did you know that Marvel superheroes don't have sidekicks? Nope, that's just DC Comic Heroes. There's something to be learned there...

It's so important to be the hero of your own story. Not in a way that make you an island unto yourself. People are meant for relationship, after all. You don't see any Avengers succeeding against Thanos without help from their superhero friends. But, as one of the more recently restored Avengers was once told,

"With great power comes great responsibility." ~ Uncle Ben

Uncle Ben was a wise old sage.

It's up to you to be the superhero for your family in a way that you realize the importance of your family's legacy and make the sacrifices necessary to document and preserve it. Sometimes, I think the passage of time can be the enemy that robs us. Just like Thanos, snapping his fingers and robbing everyone of what they loved, so much time passes by in a blink, and before we know it, our kids are taller than us! How'd that happen? It happened while we were working and trying to make a better life for them. We are their providers. But, they also need to make the time for the memories that help them remember who they are and see where they can go. I intend to be the reminder to all the super moms I meet that this is what we are called to do.

Below, you can see some sneak peeks of the family photo session of one of my clients, Kia.