Don't Mind Me...

…I’m just catching up on my editing these days which can take wayyyy longer than the photoshoots.

So. Much. Longer.

Many photographers outsource this as they grow because there are quite a few benefits:

  • more time with your family

  • more time on photoshoots…and basically,

  • more time

Now, I’m not allergic to having more time. But, editing is where I get to add another layer of creativity. Right now, I’m still manageable size-wise even with teaching and mommying full-time. But, that time aspect is another reason why I love family photography and intimate, family events. I just like the feel of having my hands-on every part of the process for my families and keeping things on an intimate scale allows me to do that.

I know, I know. Every author that writes about scaling your business is probably shaking their head at me right now. What can I say? It’s just the way I’m built.

So, as my affair with Lightroom and Photoshop deepens, in the meantime, in between time, enjoy some of these sneak peeks and tell me what you think.


See you next week!