Going Somewhere?

In my last blog post, I shared that I had both bought and DIY’d some new props for my photoshoots. You can see a few of those items in these new photos from my most recent Back-to-School mini-session. It’s an early look since I’m still editing these.


Isn’t she adorable?! I love these props for this shoot too.

But, I was holding out a little on you there.

I know, I know. Bad Stacey.

Truth be told…Those toys weren’t the only new toys I had gotten. I was actually a little too timid to share that I had added some new apps to my phone too.

These are apps for people who want to make films. 

Yup. You read that right. Films. 

Before it starts looking like I’m doing too much, let me just say that I have a purpose. I decided to start making short films to share a little more about what I do behind-the-scenes as well as offering mobile videography as a service to the school where I work and families that I work with at some point. 

But let’s talk about the behind-the-scenes first...

Honestly, nothing behind-the-scenes comes easily for me. It never has. For years, I’ve been described by my friends as a very open, yet very private person...and I do agree with that summation.  Although I’m not quite sure how I can be both at one time, it absolutely fits. So, while I have been practicing filmmaking and revealing tidbits of my day-to-day with these apps, I haven’t found a comfortable way of getting my whole self in the frame just yet. But, hey, it’s a start...and we all have to start somewhere. 

Take a look at my little Road Trip video where I reveal a little about getting some of my props for this photoshoot.

You can see where I used a title (Vimeo seems to do their own thing with the front page, but, it’s Squarespace-compatible, so it stays…), some transitions, some footage, a photo, and some music from Epidemic Sound. I used a Zhiyun gimbal I found on sale at my local Best Buy to steady my phone during recording. 

Obviously, I have much to learn about videography. I have quite a bit to learn about getting in that frame too. But, I hope you’ll come along for the ride and see where it all goes.

Until next time.