Like A Boss

We all have our mentors in business. We may admire one for their innovation while we praise another for their flexibility. Currently, mine is my daughter...for her savagery. 


I bet you think this is a child at play, don’t you? I assure you, most certainly, it is not. This here is a business shark, about to close on a deal.

Yup. That’s right.

Dear Reader, in order to have a successful business, there are a number of things that you just have to get right. These are some of the things that I know of that help to create a stellar business:

•  You have to be a self starter.

•  You must set goals for your business and take steps to achieve them.

•  You must be able to collaborate as necessary toward mutually beneficial goals. 

•  You must be able to negotiate successfully with others while remaining emotionally removed and positive.

My daughter is on the autistic spectrum, yet she is one of the savviest business owners I know. She literally IS her business and she ticks off all the items on this list LIKE A BOSS. I learn a lot just by watching that crumb-snatcher at work. 

In our home, we work on a penny system. It is a system set up by her teachers that we adopted for home use so that she earns whatever she is working toward for the day. It gives her a visual way to monitor her progress toward her business goals...which is always to play with her iPod/iPad and she visits it every day like a good business owner should. 


In this system, every penny is an activity (or combination of activities). She earns the penny by performing the activity. After she earns five pennies, she is allowed to cash out for whatever she wants (or the iPod at the end of the rainbow). From the time she gets up, until cash out, she is hustling me.

Here’s a breakdown of her schedule:

9:00 am - Wake up. Go to the entity “Mom”, binder in hand, and signal the start of the business day, “Penny.” 

9:01 am - After “Mom” has set the initial terms, go to bathroom and brush teeth. 

9:05 am - Take binder to “Mom”again. Start negotiations, saying, “Two pennies.” 

9:10 am - After “Mom” has counter-offered, go take a shower. 

9:30 am - Take binder to “Mom”…Offer a new negotiation, upping the ante with, “Three pennies.” 

9:31 am - Go put lotion on and get dressed, as per “Mom’s” orders, for the second penny. 

9:40 am - Undeterred, take binder to “Mom” again and attempt to secure agreement on the former offer saying, “Three pennies.” Shake it off when “Mom” says to sit down to eat. It’s just business.

10:15 am - After eating, attempt to negotiate, “Four pennies.” Clean up table when “Mom” says no penny until you do. 

10:20 am - Take binder to “Mom” with 5 pennies attached and attempt to cash out. 

10:21 am - Go set timer for 25 minutes. Play in sandbox for exactly 25 minutes after “Mom” says do “something else” for 25 minutes first. 


10:46 am - Take cash out to “Mom”. 


10:47 am - Return to sandbox to clean up, as per “Mom’s” final offer. 

10:50 am - Come back to retrieve payment: iPod. 

10:55 am - Retreat to office located at the kitchen table and enjoy another successful business day.


Mind you, this is a weekend schedule. During the week, going to school counts for a penny. Now, this is the only flaw I see in her business plan because going to school should be worth a whole lot more than that!  But she accepts it, so I take advantage of it. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Still, it sheds light on yet another successful business practice:

Know your worth. 

At any rate, she’s got a master plan here and who am I to second guess her? It’s definitely working for her.

I just sit back and take notes.