Location, Location, Location!

“The world is my oyster!” Shakespeare

Well, it is. But it’s also my studio. 

I’m a location-mobile photographer. I don’t have a brick-and-mortar studio and I shoot on location. That location could be your home, a park, a street, etc. 

Most times, it’s great! Natural light is plentiful and free! Since most of my shoots happen in local parks, I can be there fairly quickly and early to scout locations. But what happens when a client wants a shoot in a local, State Park? 🤔

Truth be told, you don’t have to have a super gorgeous location to make a great portrait. It really depends on choosing your background well and what falls in the frame. These photos were taken at Weiss Park


You can see the photoshoot for these here and here.

Working at local parks can also mean a very close, working relationship with Lightroom and Photoshop for ridding the photo of unsavory items later (unwanted streetlights, signs, cars, trash, and telephone polls). Lightroom can take care of most of the items you don’t want. But, sometimes, I fire up Photoshop anyway just to kick a photo up a notch or two, and add some artistry. 


Not everyone likes that, so...sometimes, it’s really just for my own amusement. 

Still, State Parks can often be much more suitable for portraits for me because they are typically better kept, they can be very spacious, and they can provide some of nature’s most awesome backdrops! Case in point, my most recent maternity photoshoot was in Brandywine Creek State Park with a family of three. :) 


No trash to shop out here! Plus, look at that landscape in the background and the rocks in the foreground. Who couldn’t love that kind of view? The mom-to-be was deciding between this park and Longwood Gardens. No disrespect to Longwood Gardens, but I think she made a great choice!

However, it did mean that I needed a permit to shoot portraits asap. I had been considering getting the permit months ago so that I could shoot in the State Parks. But, this summer flew by so fast, it didn’t happen. Womp, womp. 

In order to get a permit to shoot portraits at Delaware State Parks, in addition to the application fee, you have to have a business license, photographer’s insurance (I use Hiscox), and auto liability insurance. Once you submit the paperwork and the fee, and everything is in order, you will be issued a permit. Kudos to the DNREC Division of Parks & Recreation Team for working with me to get that done as soon as possible and in time for this photoshoot! 😊

I chose to be insured for the Parks since that’s typically where I shoot. Maybe when summer comes back around I’ll consider the beaches too.  

The lighting was a bit hard even at 5:30 in the afternoon. But, we made it work and came away with some beautiful shots! And, since the mommy told me she likes flare (which to me is just code for “GO CRAZY!”), I decided to fire up Photoshop for her anyway. 😊


So, I’m permitted up and officially, official now…Because you know what they say.


“Location is everything!”