Testing, Testing...A Mini Photoshoot

Look very closely.


This is the face of desperation.

No, not his face, actually. Mine.

But what do you do when the sun is going down quickly and FedEx just dropped off some new equipment?

You jump on the nearest kid to test it out, of course (duh).


This post could also be called, “What You Might Come Home To If Your Mom’s A Photographer” since this is exactly what my daughter walked into when she got off the school bus today lol. It’s just a mini shoot testing a new background and not a lot of editing just yet. Big people gotta play too.


I normally use foam core if I want a white background. But, sometimes, it’s just not big enough for what I want to do. This background is a great size and has a black background on the other side. But, it can show wrinkles too that would need to be edited later.

If I did want to edit anything, her hair is always a wreck after school. Usually, it’s best to just start with a fresh hairstyle with her. But, I didn’t have time if I wanted to get this done before she sat down to eat, the sun went down and I’d have to wait until tomorrow. So, I enlisted the help of a garland. Worked out pretty well, I think! I don’t mind the fuzz bunnies so much with those flowers. I’m convinced flowers can fix almost anything.


One thing about my younger kid…she doesn’t typically last long in front of the camera. That’s why I like candids so much. But, certain toys still work for her.


Totally unprompted. But, from that first time she gave me duck lips to now, I do wonder if she has been bit by the selfie-generation look sometimes!


It’s just so good to get some photos of her without that dang iPod for a change! I had so much fun, before long, I had to stop so the girl could get some food in her. Maybe the next time I swoop down on her, I’ll try the black.


For now, I’m guess I’m just stuck with this guy. :)