I photograph the moments of your everyday life and intimate family events that matter. I help busy families slow down just enough to to capture their visual stories of love, light and happiness. It is my joy to capture your unfolding narrative, helping you leave a rich and enduring legacy of love your family will cherish forever.

Why it matters

In the midst of all the prioritizing that must get done for all the things every day, it is still the in-between moments that matter most. The day you welcome your baby into the world...the trips to the park...when your daughter goes to prom...and right before he heads off to college…all the family traditions you hold dear...and everything else in-between, deserves to be lovingly documented.

The never-ending to-do list can wait. Put the real first things first and your photos will hold all the love and commitment you pour into your family, providing a foundation your children will come to cherish.

This moment is all there is.
— Rumi

I work with children of all ages, families of all sizes, and intimate, family events of all kinds.